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Noise                                                             Lead                                   Maximillian Williamson
Hotel                                                              Lead                                   Instant Film
Muscle                                                           Lead                                   Jump Productions
Luna Park                                                      Lead                                   Finelight Productions
Elsewhere NY                                               Supporting                         Ocular Nutrition
Jack Rabbit                                                   Lead                                    Project Bootleg Productions
Living With Mum                                           Supporting                         4Q Films
Flea                                                                Lead                                   Rogue Runner Productions
Looking For Kathleen                                   Lead                                   Project Bootleg Productions
The Real Mile High                                       Guest Star                          London Weekend Television

The Souk                                                        Anna                                   The Soho Theater, West End     
Brief Encounter                                              Laura                                   The Pentameters Theater, London
Agamemnon                                                  Cassandra                           The Courtyard Theater, London
Hilda                                                               Mrs. Lemanchand               The Edinburgh Festival, Scotland
Hilda                                                               Mrs. Lemanchand                National Theater, Tblisi, Georgia
Hilda                                                               Mrs. Lemanchand                Arcola Theater, London
A Yorkshire Tragedy                                      Amy Robsart                        The Albany Theater, London
The Tempest                                                  Ariel                                     The Pentameters Theater, London
Tea On The Blue Sofa                                   Natasha                                The Barn Theater, London
Dr Faustus                                                      Empress                               The Bridewell Theater, London
The Dark Room                                              Miss Morgan                       The Landor Theater, London
The Matchmaker                                            The Cook                             The Landor Theater, London
Faithfull                                                           Marianne Faithfull                The Susan Batson Studio, New York

TRAINING                                                                                                                                                                       Susan Batson, New York
Elizabeth Kemp, New York
Heidi Marshall, New York
The Method Studio, London                                                                                                                                         Actors Space, Berlin
International School of Acting, Rome
Italia Conti Academy, London